Versatile Blogging

Thanks to acorninthekitchen for nominating us for the Versatile Blogger Award! Previously from Spain but now living in Ireland, you can check out recipes on his site by clicking here acorninthekitchen. We are intrigued by “home” food that gets transported to new places – the idea of food as portable culture. Not to mention that Ireland and Spain are both high on our list of countries we hope to visit!


Sites we visit:

Seven things about us:

  • We love to research and plan the things we do, but then we end up doing most of them by the seat of our pants.
  • We’ve learned that, apparently, “Never” actually means “Someday” (at least sometimes).
  • We don’t own a TV.
  • Our favorite movies are romantic comedies and real-life adventure documentaries.
  • Half the time, neither one of us has any idea what we’re doing until we actually do it. This has led to some comical outcomes.
  • On one of our early dates, we went on a tent-camping road trip from Sacramento, California to Astoria, Oregon. The first time we set up a tent, it was as though we’d been doing it all our lives together.
  • If we weren’t planning to go sailing, we’d buy a piece of land somewhere and homestead.

Happy Blogging,

Jack & Barbra Donachy