Chignik Seasons: The Lake in 29 Photos

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Chignik LakeInfinity

Chignik River Alaska Tundra SwansBallet

Great Horned Owl Chick Chignik Lake AlaskaSpring Spruce

Chignik Lake Fiddlehead FernBursting

wild irises Chignik Lake Alaska
Blue Flag

Chignik Alaska Orca Migration Seal HuntingMist

Chignik Lake Alaska Sandhill CraneDancer

Chignik Blueback SockeyeBlueback

spawning sockeye chignik river alaska

Chignik Lake Brown Bear Cubs

Chignik Sea Otter pup
Sea Pup

There is a river…

Redpoll Fireweed Chignik Lake

Chignik Lake Alaska
Summer’s End

Chignik Lake Spider WebOrbs

Chignik Lake Alaska

Salmon fishing Chignik AlaskaReturn to Clarks River

Brown Bear Chignik AlaskaRule of Tonnage

Chignik Salmon fly fishingSilvers and Golds

Salmon fishing ChignikCherry Coho

Chignik Alaska Sea Run CharAutumn Char

Melon Colored Dawn

Chignik Lake Winter
Blues & Pinks

Chignik Lake River OttersOtter Pile

Chignik Lake Alaska Red FoxSpeck

Chignik Lake Alaska hoary redpollVisitor

Chignik Lake Post Office Creek in SnowPost Office Creek

Found art ice Chignik Lake
Swan Barque

Chignik River boat landing winter high tideHigh Tide

8 thoughts on “Chignik Seasons: The Lake in 29 Photos

  1. Looking at these wonderful photos I have the feeling of the pure art. In fact, thanks to these beautiful photos I discovered this blog since the Point Hope years, they were the ones who attracted me first. And I am still here today: reading interesting articles, looking tremendous photos, learning new things (many times unknown to me), cooking new recipes, traveling (virtually) to places I’ve never dreamed of (Alaska, Japan, Mongolia).
    Looking forward to the stories behind each photos, with many thanks and full gratitude, Cella Graore from Timisoara, Romania

  2. Such of powerful reminder of life in balance through the seasons and how in many parts of Alaska one must still live within natures harmony which you have captured so beautifully.

  3. Your photos are full of little and large wonders. They remind me of all the beautiful experiences my husband and I had when we lived in Anchorage from 1999 until 2006. We never made it to Chignik, but it looks picturesque in the extreme.
    All the best,

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