Thai-Spiced Scallops

Large Alaskan scallops (from Kodiak) rolled in Thai Seasoning, pan-seared, and arranged on freshly made linguini topped with wilted spinach, sweet onion, garlic and sun-dried tomatoes. We brought five pounds of frozen scallops with us to the bush this year–and are happy to have done so!

I don’t use many pre-blended spices, but a good Thai seasoning blend has long been an exception. These days I’ve been using The Spice Hunter’s Thai Seasoning, but Spice Islands Thai Seasoning is (was?) very good as well. (I’ve been unable to find it in any Anchorage grocery store.) My guess is Penzeys Bangkok Blend is at least as tasty.

A little heat, a hint of sweet, Thai blends are great for spicing up squash or pumpkin soup, stir fry, or as a rub on chicken, pork, shellfish and fish.

The above scallops are a cinch. Roll the scallops (or shrimp, or pieces of fresh fish) in Thai seasoning and set aside. After that, you need bit of olive oil heated to medium high in a frying pan, a pair of tongs to move the scallops around to sear all sides, and about about one minute total cooking time for the scallops. (Don’t overcook them–even after removed from the pan, they’ll continue to cook, and they do not need to be hot when served.)

This dish is as good an excuse as I can think of to pop the cork on one of Oregon’s exquisite Pinot Gris.