10 comments on “Wild Salmon Sausages

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    • Hi Chef, You hit on one of the factors behind my hesitation to try these a long time ago; I couldn’t come up with a fat that sounded appealing both in terms of flavor and in keeping these sausages a healthful nutritional choice. Turns out the salmon (or halibut) have all the fat needed. In fact – and this also surprised me a little – the egg isn’t really necessary either. On the other hand, these are easy to imagine with pieces of bacon, pre-cooked, mixed in as well.

      • They’re certainly a fatty fish, and you’re not cooking them for very long. It just intrigued me. When ever i have made sausages from scratch, they come out a little dry because it’s so hard for me to add a bunch of pork fat!

  2. I finally took the time to try your Salmon Sausage recipe. Holy cow are they amazing! Thanks for the inspiration.

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