5 comments on “Ginger Pear Cranberry Sauce: Delicious on Roasted Turkey or Duck

  1. Ginger pear cranberry sauce sounds delicious. I’m always looking for new twists on just regular blueberry or strawberry jams. I also totally disagree with yogurt-making being disappointing. In fact I think everyone should know how to make yogurt AND butter.

  2. Waste of time? The writer must be getting bags and bags of money from the pasta, yogurt, and jam industries to afford the good stuff and live in a place where they can find the freshest of each item without all the added crap. Even here in Seward we have a hard time finding decent yogurt that isn’t exorbitantly expensive. Our solution:

    We bought a yogurt maker! Oh my Jack does it make the best yogurt ever! No name brand can ever produce anything close to it. We know exactly what goes in it and eat it almost daily.

    Future purchase: pasta roller for the kitchen aid.

    As for the jam, can the writer buy Alaskan berry jam at the grocery store? No. Will store-bought jam contain pesticide-laden berries and high fructose corn syrup? Yes.

    Will the Donachy’s be getting some jam as a Christmas present from the Bixler’s? Maybe :).

    • Thoughts on making pasta: Get yourself a manual pasta machine first. We have a CucinaPro we like a lot. You have more control of the dough, there is no wasted dough and it uses no electricity. It’s pretty low maintenance, too – you just brush it off when you’re done and put it away. You are never supposed to wash it. That being said, we do like the kitchen aid pasta extruder because we can make tubular pasta like penne and macaroni. The extruder won’t push out all the dough, so there is always some wastage. It’s a little harder to clean and it was a pricey attachment, too.

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