Bicycle Trekking in Hokkaido, Japan – Vlog 2: Shiraoi to Hell Valley and on to Lake Toya

This is the second installment from our videos about bicycle trekking and camping in Hokkaido. In this leg of our 1,300 mile tour, we pushed and cruised from Shiraoi to Jigokudani and then on to Lake Toya in Shikotsu-Toya National Park. Listen for the singing cicadas and the bubbling mud pots in the first part of the video. In the second part of the vlog, Barbra kicks in with her “amazing” commentary! Barbra says – I promise to bring a thesaurus next time. 🙂

Bicycle Trekking in Hokkaido, Japan – Vlog 1: Coasting into Shiraoi

In keeping with my goals for 2019, in addition to putting in time toward 500 hours of guitar practice in hopes of finally learning to play, I have just completed the second of five articles for magazine publication. The first article was a salmon-centric piece about life here in Chignik Lake. The second article was an introduction to our 65-day, 1,300 mile bicycle trek in Hokkaido, Japan last summer. While putting the article together I came across a few GoPro videos I’d nearly forgotten. One of those videos is below.

So what makes Japan’s northernmost island a nearly perfect bicycle trekking destination? Great food, clean inexpensive campgrounds, courteous motorists, abundant wildlife, rolling farmland, beautiful seascapes, terrific people, opportunities for hiking, fishing and even hot-air ballooning. The icing on the cake is bike rides like this! Leave a “like” and a comment or question. We’ll be posting additional video material from our Hokkaido Trek, so hit “follow” to make sure you don’t miss the next one!