Bicycle Trekking in Hokkaido, Japan – Vlog 1: Coasting into Shiraoi

In keeping with my goals for 2019, in addition to putting in time toward 500 hours of guitar practice in hopes of finally learning to play, I have just completed the second of five articles for magazine publication. The first article was a salmon-centric piece about life here in Chignik Lake. The second article was an introduction to our 65-day, 1,300 mile bicycle trek in Hokkaido, Japan last summer. While putting the article together I came across a few GoPro videos I’d nearly forgotten. One of those videos is below.

So what makes Japan’s northernmost island a nearly perfect bicycle trekking destination? Great food, clean inexpensive campgrounds, courteous motorists, abundant wildlife, rolling farmland, beautiful seascapes, terrific people, opportunities for hiking, fishing and even hot-air ballooning. The icing on the cake is bike rides like this! Leave a “like” and a comment or question. We’ll be posting additional video material from our Hokkaido Trek, so hit “follow” to make sure you don’t miss the next one!




4 thoughts on “Bicycle Trekking in Hokkaido, Japan – Vlog 1: Coasting into Shiraoi

  1. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….. reminded me of being lifted on someone’s handlebars as a kid!
    Then of course there was the thought of how much uphill slog you must have done to achieve such a long descent. Sound was great.

    • Yes, we used a windsock and the sound quality surprised us – it was pretty good. Parts of the trek made us feel like 10-year-olds on our old “spider” bikes coasting down hills. Uphill pushing was generally pleasant – we just had to put ourselves in the proper Zen state of mind. Thanks for watching.

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