18 comments on “Rustic Reuben with Righteous Rye and Robust Russian Dressing

  1. Looks delicious! Of course you can have some of our goat (or bear) for this sandwich!

    We have made corned bear and cabbage and corned caribou and cabbage before in the crockpot. It was epic (http://alaskagraphy.wordpress.com/2012/05/30/black-bear-recipes/). While those recipes technically didn’t “corn” them like the canned stuff, it tasted even better. Can’t wait to either try it or have you guys make it for us…

  2. Barbra, you have led a sheltered life ! I’m a redneck from Kentucky and am familiar with cans with the key ! Just joking with you [ about the sheltered part ] ! Watch out you don’t break the little tab off or you’ll have to get the pliers out and open the can. Enjoy your blog much, send more pics of ‘ whatever ‘ ! Thanks , Bill

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