11 comments on “One Cup of Mayo, and Hold the Preservatives!

  1. This is great because I’m not a big mayo user and I like that this comes without chemicals. Even cooler, I just got a “free” immersion blender from the grocery store. I say “free” because I had to spend $8000 over two months racking up points to get it. I’m joking about how much I spent but you get my point. 😉 Anyway, thanks for the recipe. It’s always nice to get a “thumbs up” opinion. I’m going to try it this week.

  2. I hate mayo, but if I’m going to eat it at all (like, as an ingredient in something, because I can’t eat it plain), it’s gotta be homemade. When we made Caesar dressing from scratch the other day, we had a little trouble getting the mayonnaise base to the right consistency. We will try it this way next time!

    • Other than sandwiches made from leftover turkey, I can’t think of anything we use straight mayonnaise on. So it’s nice to be able to make a little at a time, fresh, when a craving for anchovy-mayonnaise salad dressing or deviled eggs hits us. And no jars to throw away when we’re done – just a container to wash.

      • Yes! We bought big boxes of pint- and half-pint-sized jars a couple of years ago, so we always have the perfect reusable containers for our homemade pickles and condiments. Less waste, more yum. 🙂

  3. Great post! I love to try old recipes, and will have to try this one soon. I really like that this mayo doesn’t contain preservatives. .

    • It’s from a combination of the extra virgin oil, the yolk and the Dijon. This mayo has a distinctive flavor and color which we like, but consider making modifications if you want it to be more like store-bought. I think you’ll like how quick & easy this recipe is.

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