11 comments on “Alaska White Bean Soup With Salmon Sausage and Reindeer Sausage

  1. G’day 🙃 Clearly you are creating and feeding Jack far too many incredibly delicious sounding meals! Too much eating, not e nough writing 😉 Pack him a picnic and send him out into the rain/snow? Make sure he takes his camera! 😊

  2. Don’t sell yourself short… I’m thinking of that skillet pudding even as I eat my breakfast of lettuce and black olives on sourdough toast 😉

    • Happy 2018 to you, too, Wendy. Don’t hesitate to add bacon, scallops, shrimp or other items to the sausage. The recipe we wrote up is a basic palette for all kinds fo imaginative additions. We’d love to know how yours came out!

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