8 comments on “Four Days of Quiet Solitude (Except for the Hurricane-force Winds): The Cabin on Black Lake

  1. Welcome back!
    Glad there’s a novel in the making.
    Loving the landscapes and the nature prose. Breath-taking. That Black Lake foreshore is amazing with the ice sheets stacking up. I feel immensely lucky to be able to experience such things, vicariously, through your wonderful posts. Thank you both.
    While I imagine it would feel quite lonely monitoring seismic activity through a winter night it might feel more dangerous, and lonelier in the suburbs. Hope it settles down everywhere; even the midcoast of New South Wales in Australia has been experiencing low calibre shocks and rattles this week.

    • Volcanoes had erupted in Japan and the Philippines just prior to the Alaska earthquake. The earth has been active recently, it seems. As always, Sally, thanks for reading and leaving a comment! The aspect of the ice we can’t really capture (unless we start doing video) is the sound. As the ice was forming and a breeze was blowing across the lake, it made an ethereal music.

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