3 comments on “Definitely Thankful for This – Almond Raspberry Tart

  1. This almond paste is what we call here in Europe by “marzipan”? Definitively, an addicted cake! And a must for the Christmas time, because in my humble opinion, Christmas and marzipan is an inseparable and eternal “couple”. Thanks for the idea. And at last but not least, Happy Birthday!

    • The recipe I followed said not to use marzipan, but to use almond paste. Maybe there is a difference in the U.S.? I agree that Christmas and marzipan are a match made in heaven. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. In the first place, I was sure that almond paste it’s actually the marzipan. I think is not a difference between Europe and US, but between almond paste and marzipan, seems there is a difference in terms of texture, quantity of sugar and, especially, the quantity of almonds, that makes the two very different. And the recipe you followed it’s perfect, the marzipan is not suitable for filling a cake, it’s good for other things (candies, fondant for decorate cakes etc.), but definitely not for filling a cake.

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