14 comments on “Alaskan Shrimp Harumaki with Lime-Infused Ponzu Dipping Sauce

  1. Hello! Just wanted to say how much I continue to enjoy following your blog! I sent a message last spring/summer from WI as my husband was looking to relocate his teaching career. We ended up moving (kind of in your back yard) to Kotzebue as we expected in July. We have been enjoying the Tom Cod, Sheefish, Caribou etc….since hubby is an avid outdoors man he is in his element 🙂 Your recipes are easy to follow and resemble the foods we have available (or can tweak the recipe as needed). Of course living in the “hub” of the NWAB and having a grocery store does help (when they have what we are looking for and wish to pay the price. We are fortunate to have met some wonderful people here (Alaskan natives and others) that have made this adjustment so much easier. We are on the 12 year plan (fingers crossed with school contract and my position within the Maniilaq Association) until retirement – so you can appreciate our desire to feel a connection in Kotzebue.

    We understand the flight situations from the villages and if you are ever in a pinch flying from Point Hope elsewhere and get “stuck” in Kotz (which we all know happens), we would be happy to play hostess/host to you!

    Carol Gindt gindtc@yahoo.com Kotzebue, AK


    • Hi Carol. Really good to hear from you. We absolutely remember your earlier note and had kind of wondered if things had worked out for your move to Alaska, so thanks for the update.
      We do pass through Kotz from time to time, so thanks for the invitation! We are very intrigued by the sheefishing down there, by the way. (A friend gave us a sheefish taken through the ice down there recently. It was really good!)
      By any chance, do you know John and Dawn Crabb? He’s an assistant principal at an elementary school in Kotz, and she’s a teacher.
      And same to you. If you ever want to come up and check out Point Hope, we have an extra bedroom and three-squares a day!
      Thanks again for the note.
      Jack & Barbra

  2. My husband personally knows John Crabb (the Crabbs actually live in our apartment complex) and was actually suppose to drive him out on the ice one day to sheefish with other school faculty. John had to cancel so it opened a spot up for me to trek out and witness the fishing. They are HUGE fish. We actually use both salmon and sheefish as a substitute in crab cakes (the perks of access to fish)!
    Thanks for the invitation……I hear from our CHAPS it is exciting to be there during whaling season 🙂

  3. Your harumaki look great and I am always happy to find other fans of ponzu, perhaps one of the greatest undiscovered condiments in cookery.

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