15 comments on “Exceptionally Delicious Whole-Grain Bread

  1. It’s the sponge that makes this bread so tender. Even though making a sponge adds additional steps to the process, I’ve found that it contributes to a superior loaf of bread every time. I can’t wait to try this recipe that you’ve posted. It looks delicious.

  2. Yet another recipe I must try. I love making bread and this recipe looks like it makes one heck of a loaf of bread!:)

  3. I am in the middle of making this bread – have soaker and sponge doing their thing. I make all my bread by hand – no machines. Any advice as to doing the day-of mixing w/o a mixer? I figure I’ll just go at it longer by hand and use my judgement, but since you’ve already made it, I wonder what you think. I’m surprised how little water this recipe calls for. In other multi-day breads I’ve made, there’s a good amount of water on baking day that I used 1st to soften the soakers/sponges for hand mixing.

    • I think you’re right, it will take longer by hand. Splitting the soaker and the sponge into pieces and rolling them together helped for even mixing. I think the butter and honey will make for messy hand mixing/kneading, but it should still work. The water seemed just fine. I think the honey and the soft butter did the trick of adding moisture to the final dough. The bread came out wonderfully moist and kept its moistness during the week it took to eat it.

      • Thanks for the quick response! I will let you know how it comes out. I have 2 late evenings at work, so baking day is day 3, so mine may a bit more of a sourdough.

      • I completed baking on day 5. 1st rise was slow, but that’s hardly new to me. My house is not particularly warm. I don’t know that I mixed it enough by hand, but having made bread for over a decade, I used my judgement. Much more work than “Artisan Bread in 5 min/day”, but it came out great. I think it’s the best 100% whole wheat I’ve ever made. And the bonus is that it does not require added wheat gluten or extra sugar. I look forward to adding other grains to this recipe.

        • Hey Bill. We’re so glad you reported back! We’re thrilled you had the same results as us. We’ve made this recipe three times now, each equally delicious. The original article suggested adding cooked grains. That will be part of our future experiments with this recipe. Let us know if you have any tasty results with your experiments.
          Jack and Barbra

  4. When I made this bread, it made 2 huge loaves. It looked beautiful with great texture, but I was very disappointed in the flavor. It was way too bland. So in the future, I definitely will add more salt. It raised extremely quickly, and I’m sure adding more salt will slow it down a bit.

    • I loved the texture of this bread, too. As you said, additional salt will both up the flavor and slow the rise. I didn’t mind the low salt in our sandwiches because I enjoyed the texture so much. I’d be interested to know how much salt you add in order to boost the flavor. Thanks for trying out the recipe and commenting!

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