6 comments on “Wild Alaska Salmon Lox – an Edible Treasure

  1. Those bagels and lox really look tempting. I never contemplated homemade lox, but when I read the phrase “homemade bagel.” I took another look at your photo, and they looked perfect. So I clicked on the recipe. I wondered why commercial bagels were invariably poor and recently read it is because they cook them in an oven with steam as a substitute for boiling them. Your recipe, of course, has it right.

  2. Love this story! I remember eating lox (or lax) for the first time in the US when I used to live there temporarily with my ex-partner some years ago. Although we have wild Australian salmon, as well as farmed European/American salmon in the southern states, they are always sold either as packaged fresh fillets or smoked slivers. I can, however, buy a packet & make lax & cream cheese on sourdough, for example, to satisfy my mouth watering over your recipe. Not quite as tasty as yours, but it’ll work .

    • I never thought I would be so fortunate as to live on a major salmon river. As you can probably imagine, being on the water casting flies to these fish makes my heart sing. The best fishing ends at the beginning of October, but all winter long every time we have a snack of our homemade ikura or lox or pull a fillet from the freezer to broil, bake or grill, we relive the memories of the past season on the water. By the way, I knew that New Zealand has runs of wild salmon… I didn’t know Australia did as well. I would imagine those fish go awfully fast at the fish market.

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