9 comments on “More Vegetables, Please! Spiced Carrot Cake with Rich Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting

  1. This just flashed across my screen and I had to immediately click! I love to eat my vegetables this way- Wish I could bite into a piece of this cake this quiet Sunday evening. Sometimes I’ll add a little crushed pineapple as well.
    cheers… wt

  2. When I was at school we were rewarded with sticker stars.. you could only get more or bigger ones or brighter ones 🙄 Just imagine how we could all have shone in later life if we’d had your cake as incentive? The mind boggles. Ps chopped glace ginger is also a good addition.

      • That is memorable! They never got around to one of mine with the wooden ruler, metal edged administered to the back of the hands.. my mother doesn’t have to worry, this particular lady of the church gets all the blame for my problems🙄😉

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