13 comments on “Grilled Halibut with Puréed Olive and Garlic Filling: s/v Bandon’s First Fish of 2013

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    Our boat was having slight overheating issues that we later resolved, so we took out Bandon with Jack and Barbra and succeeded in getting her decks plenty dirty with all the fishing we did. Check out this post on our whole halibut dinner with sparkling wine pairing.

  2. Cooking fish whole on the grill, in foil with lemons, was the way I first learned to cook the fish I caught. This looks great. I’ve only ever had halibut fillets from the grocery. Facts of living landlocked :(.

  3. That looks fabulous! Ive been craving something like this, great minds think alike. 😉
    Now I just need to get into the water and restock my halibut supply!

  4. Even though i don’t eat fish i have to say (as always) that looks mighty Yummy! and I also have to throw in that I’d love to see a real Puffin 🙂

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