11 comments on “Cinnamony Sugary Buttery Cookies

  1. YUM, YUM, YUM! Snickerdoodles have always been my son’s favorite cookie. I will veganize the recipe and see how they turn out. I had no idea that we have a Penzey’s Spices less than an hour from home. I will be making the trip into Penzey’s soon.

    Lovin’ your food photos!

  2. I live in Wisconsin, which as far as I know is the home of Penzeys Spices! At any rate, I have always absolutely loved Penzeys. I happen to have a bottle of the double strength vanilla in the cabinet right now; perhaps I will have to make these cookies. 🙂

    • We Love the double-strength vanilla. Another terrific Penzeys product is their smoked chipotle chili peppers, which are just plain incredible in everything from omelets to chili to soups to toppings for fish and chicken.

  3. I’m not sure if I did something wrong but my dough was very sticky and the cookies were way underdone at that time & temp…. Hmmm

    • Well, beachrobot, I tried the recipe again and it came out just like the last time. I wonder if your egg was larger than mine and caused the dough to be more wet. It’s really dry up here and I always have to add a bit of moisture. Maybe try a little less egg? Let me know if you try it again. We just ate six of them straight off the cooling rack…so cinnamon-y and yummy.

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