Grilled S’mores? Who Knew? A Better (messier) Campfire Snack

This twist on a summertime favorite kicks the s’mores experience up a couple of notches. Graham crackers, thick chunks of dark chocolate, and marshmallows are as good as you remember them when you were a kid. Maybe better.

Guilty as charged: hardly a summer goes by when we don’t have s’mores at least once. They’re a great campfire dessert. But when a friend recently suggested we try grilling our s’mores instead of only toasting the marshmallows, we figured that maybe tried-and-true had been improved.

Hot off the grill, these s’mores don’t look dangerous. But looks, as everyone knows, can be deceiving. What you’re seeing here is molten goo ready to start pouring all over your hands, mouth, face, shirt and jeans at the slightest touch.

The chocolate looks like it’s set. It isn’t. As soon as it’s even slightly disturbed, it turns to liquid. The molecular science behind this is beyond our ken, but one thought came to mind: there’s a market for the s’mores equivalent of lobster bibs! The cracker is toasted crispy and warm, and the marshmallows are perfectly heated through – gooey and never burned.

11 thoughts on “Grilled S’mores? Who Knew? A Better (messier) Campfire Snack

  1. Those look delicious! Very clever usage of the grill 🙂 We’ve been getting creative with s’mores lately… Chocolate & Strawberry S’more, Pecan Turtle S’more… and Monday we’re posting an Apple Pie S’more recipe for the 4th of July! Not sure how many fresh apples you get up there, but they are pretty delicious – here’s a list of the ones we’ve done so far: Our plan is to do one each month… so far it’s been a tasty task 🙂

  2. Ha…Who would have thought? not me but you..That’s a Great idea and the chocolate looks like it melts better.

  3. Can’t wait for Victoria to get back and we can try them together…..she’ll be more excited when she finds out it was a Donachy creation!!

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