14 comments on “Rustic Moose Pot Pie

  1. This might be a dumb question, but does moose sort of taste like grass-fed beef? Or maybe buffalo? I had elk once, but never moose. Looks delicious, though!

  2. I’ve never eaten moose before (though I’ve had deer down here in Georgia several times). Are they similar? The pot pie is such a resourceful (and yummy sounding) way to repurpose those leftovers! (And Micah and I are big fans of Better than Bouillon. We make our own stock as often as we have the bones and scraps to do it, but Better than Bouillon is great.) You guys cook such cool stuff!

  3. I am assuming this recipe would also work with beef or venison without adjustment to the other ingredients? Obviously, I’m not much of a cook. 😦 This does look good, though. And, I love pot pies.

  4. The olde english method of dealing with extra-lean game like venison is to lard it (using a larding needle, not sure if you can get these), bard it (cover the outside in pig fat) or wrap it in bacon (a technique I have used when roasting game birds). Otherwise it looks delicious! I really like game so I would love to be able to try moose-meat one day…

  5. Larding, eh? I get it… And I bet it would work with moose, caribou and other lean cuts of game. Haven’t had the opportunity to work with wild birds yet (hopefully we’ll get some ptarmigan (similar to red grouse), ruffed grouse, pheasant or quail in the not-too-distant future, but I sometimes wrap lean freshwater fish (such as brook trout) in bacon, which is quite good. Brookies with fresh asparagus spears and wrapped with bacon and broiled or grilled are a family favorite – and would work well with Japan’s yamame or iwana.

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