4 comments on “Video: The 500 Hour Experiment – Learning to Play the Guitar at 60

  1. Thanks for the encouragement and for sharing your success!  Nice video! Patty Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone

  2. Congratulations. At a similar age, I set about to learn to play the piano using a keyboard. But in order to not subject my wife and the rest of the world to the sound of my practicing, I used headphones. Unlike you, however, I did not persist to where I would be willing to post a video. I was growing increasingly deaf and told myself it was not worth the effort, that the earphones did not work well with my hearing aids, and that turning them up louder might actually do damage. I did enjoy the effort however and wonder if it might really have just been a matter of persistence. Instead, I moved on to other things and at 75 practice with a foreign languages every day. Now I am deaf in English, Spanish and German. 🙂

    • Thanks, and thanks for the note. I like you statement, “I did enjoy the effort.” That really is a great reward – the effort itself – isn’t it? I studied Japanese a two years ago, and as I got into music this past year I was struck by the similarities between music and foreign language in terms of skill acquisition. So much of it comes down to persistence and repetition. Barbra and I are contemplating studying Italian next.

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