4 comments on “Philosophies for Learning the Guitar at 60: 500 Hours

  1. I’m enjoying your thorough and considered posts on applying oneself to learn something new. As a young idiot of 23 I decided I was too old to learn the recorder (🙄) so am unqualified and definitely disqualified from giving any advice. However it seems to me, using a musical instrument as an example, that it is a finite, fairly contained occupation (even if one progresses spectacularly across a spectrum of say Mozart To Glass).
    On the other hand applying oneself to the intellectual pleasure and creative satisfaction of writing is limitless and without age restrictions. Given you have a remarkable talent already at your finger tips I cannot understand why you aren’t producing that novel instead of trying to keep your strings from rusting! I know this sounds cheeky, for which I apologise, but you know I’m a fan and I stand by these thoughts whole heartedly. With best wishes to you both, Sally.

    • Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning! I know, I know, I know… But at this point I see it as something of a civic duty to determine whether or not one can really (meaningfully) learn to play a guitar in the 7th decade on this planet. I was shocked to find nothing addressing this on the internet, as I’m sure many, many others have wondered about this. By nothing, I mean nothing – I’m not going to dignify all the patronizing “You’re never too old to learn,” “Anyone can,” and “Wonderful benefits can be derived” assurances other than to say 1) Show me examples, not homilies and 2) the question is not about “benefits,” it’s about learning to play an instrument.
      All of that notwithstanding, I begin each day by 7:30 AM, mornings devoted to writing and editing photos. Now to find an editor with your enthusiasm about my writing! Thanks as always for reading. JD

  2. Excuses, excuses…. 🙃

    PS delighted with my skiffing outing, so much abundance is good for the soul in these bleak times. Thank you.

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