6 comments on “A Little Glitch & a Lotta Help: Welcome to Japan (and Murray is not your friend)

  1. Absolutely wonderful story! Was on the edge of my seat reading it. Japan with its immaculate service to O-kyaku-sama has so many pluses. So glad that despite the glitch, everything worked out well in the end. Looking forward to hearing more stories from Nihon. Will be in Honshu with a friend I met on the plane the first time I went to Japan. We will be there in October Take care.

    • October is such a nice time in Japan. We’re already contemplating strategies to come to Hokkaido some autumn. We camped at Mount Youtei last night, the sky filled with stars and the big wash of the Milky Way.

  2. Yay! Happy to read the success thus far. Looking forward to many more entries and photos. Ride on Barbara and Jack!

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