7 comments on “Almost There, or… Who Does This? Hokkaido Bicycle Trek 2018

  1. I just read your latest post in my email box. (My home hospital student canceled this morning so I happened to have time to visit my oh-so-cluttered email). Sending prayers and wishes for a marvelous adventure. I’ll be sure to check for updates throughout the summer. Cheers! Michael

  2. Enjoy your summer and don’t forget about your readers left behind, waiting for stories and photos. Have a nice and safe trip everywhere you bike.

  3. Hi. This is Terry from Anchorage Alaska Airlines! Yeah…. your checked in boxes all made it! Was fun to see the photo on the other end of your trip! Hope you have a fantastic summer and I look forward to following you and hearing about all your adventures. Most of all, stay safe! Hugs to you both! Terry

  4. Oh I’m so jealous that you’re in Japan! Have a wonderful time you two…can’t wait to read all about your adventure!

    • Thirteen days in and every day has been wonderful. We feel so behind in publishing articles, but there seems to always be something tugging at us to explore, see and do. We’re two days away from Yoichi, our next big stop, and we will be sure to do updates from there. Keep reading!

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