10 comments on “First Stop in Hokkaido – Don’t Miss Beautiful Chitose!

  1. Thanks for taking the time to fill us in; been wondering how you are faring… very well, obviously!

    • Thanks for checking in. We’ve been following the “Herring Highway” the past few days – village after village where the economy was based on herring fishing – till it all collapsed. Now the towns thrive on sea urchins, shrimp, oysters, scallops and a variety of fish. We thought we’d lose weight this summer, but with all this great food, we’re barely breaking even with the calories we burn peddling our bikes.

    • Don’t get more songs stuck in our heads! It’s funny what goes through your mind while spending miles on a bike. Remember this one? “Hey watch out Red Barron! Snoopy’s on your tail. One of these days he’s gonna make you pay, and you’ll go strait to Hey watch out Red Barron…” repeat in your head a zillion times, wondering what in the world made you think of That song!

  2. I am so envious! The island of Hokkaido is just beautiful and based on your blog I’ll definitely make it a part of my next visit to Japan. I’ll skip the giant “sparrow bee” though! Continue to enjoy your trip and the wonders of Japan…hope you get the chance to go soak in “onsen” after logging all those bicycle miles!

    • Yes, we’ve enjoyed the onsen experience. Tonight we’re at a quiet little ryokan where we had an incredible seafood dinner – featuring uni so fresh from the local sea that their spines were still moving!

  3. Love reading about your adventures in beautiful Hokkaido! The photos accompanying the story are excellent Have you caught any fish yet? Wish I were there. Ki-o-tsukete-ne!

    • I can’t believe it, but we have yet to make time to fish. So many other things grabbing our attention! We’re on Teuri-to (Teuri Island) as I write this – just returned from viewing tens of thousands of Rhinocerous Auklets returning to their nests (borrows) after a day at sea spent fishing. Got some great nighttime photos of this event – one where the auklet’s beak was crammed full with squid & fish. Staying in a Ryokan tonight. Back to the tent tomorrow. Thanks for checking in!

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