4 comments on “A Homemade Spice and Seasoning Mix – Better Than Doritos!

  1. We’ve come a long way from the salt and pepper shaker. I never miss an opportunity to stop by a Penzeys spice store. This looks like a grocery list next time I get to a big city.

    • Hi Doug, So far we have 10 large tubs packed for our upcoming move. Today I tackle the kitchen, which means inventorying spices and putting in an order with Penzeys. We brought 70-some different seasonings and spices with us to Mongolia (not much is available here) and will take a similar amount with us to Chignik Lake. One of our very favorites from Penzeys is their whole Chipotle Chilis. Really smokey and perfect in chili or in pumpkin soup, in smoking brines for salmon and trout, and in brines for whole chickens. We grind them up, but I think they carry a powdered version as well.

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