6 comments on “Day 3: Tsagaan Suvarga, The Gobi Desert’s White Cliffs – Gazelles and Ger Life

  1. I really enjoy the great photos you have posted. You must be having a fantastic time with your adventures. I look forward to receiving the other stuff you post. I have gained weight just looking at your desserts.

    • Thanks, Judy. It seems that Ulaanbaatar changes almost from week to week – mainly in positive ways. We’re finding more and more of the cooking ingredients we’re looking for… and feeling pretty smart that we had the foresight to bring an extensive collection of spices and extracts with us, many of which are not readily available here.

    • Thanks Tammy. Yes, this is one of the last untrammeled places on earth. There are places – accessible places – where a person could take a hike with the possibility that no one has been there in days, weeks, years or even decades.

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