9 comments on “Sockeye Salmon: Earth-friendly Sashimi

    • Thanks for the comment, Joseph. It is important to freeze fish before serving raw or partially cooked. Properly prepared, sushi, sashimi and tataki are safe, exceptionally healthful food choices.

  1. No mention of freezing your fish prior to eating but I hope you are. Otherwise, you really raising the risk of getting a parasite. Nearly all fish for sushi /sashimi (except tunas) sold retail is previously frozen, esp salmon.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Muchohucho. We do have a note to this effect in the comments section, but the fact that you didn’t see it there prompted us to go back and put a note in the article itself. We Always freeze the fish we use as sashimi and strongly urge others to do the same. Last year, several friends who ignored this advice spent several days severely ill from eating raw, untreated, fresh-caught salmon. Jack

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