6 comments on “Scones and Lemon Curd – The Last Egg

  1. Eggs?! Hot damn! How’d you get them there and how do you keep them there? Also, unrelated, I look forward to meeting you guys someday 🙂

    …now, as a comment from a complete stranger, that would qualify as most anything but the good and appropriate internet norm; some context is owed.

    I found your blog some time ago, working in central america and wondering about rural education, pondering the last frontier. Your blog is great to read, so I followed (along with, it seems, 531 others. wow!). Time passed, I struck out from my jungle home to the Kenai to be a sub teacher, continued to enjoy your blog, and took a (successful) swing at getting into Alaska’s post-bac certification program (AKT2). Now? I’m headed off to Anchorage for the summer portion of the program and come August, hie ho to Diomede.

    One last bit of context to wrap things up: eggs are a significant and dear part of my diet; the not-so-distant impending lack of a cooler section always stocked with grade AA brown eggs for 3 or 4 bucks a carton is no small worry to me.


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