11 comments on “Way Better Than Pop Tarts

  1. Our house was the ‘healthy house’ growing up, too. I hear you! I can’t say I’ve ever hankered for a pop tart in my life but these… These look amazing. Yum! :-

  2. My favorite flavor of pop tarts when I was young was the brown sugar-cinnamon. Hands down. None of that fruity stuff, I wanted straight sugar! But I’ve grown up (a little bit) and while I’m still a sugar fiend, I’ve been trying to cut down on the processed sugar so I used maple syrup instead. The only part of the recipe where I broke my processed sugar rule was with the icing on top. My 8 year old self would not let me pass up icing these! But the icing has more maple syrup in it to give the tarts lots of maple-y flavor.

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