27 comments on “Childs Glacier: When Ice Falls

  1. very surreal sitting here on my boat in Greece, 24 degrees, and reading your stuff, such a different world. But thanks to blogs, i get to experience a little bit of your world and I am enjoying it. cheers

  2. We visited Cordova a couple of years ago in the summer. We drove out to Childs Glacier three times while there and each time we were just amazed and excited to see so much ice falling into the river! The pops and explosions and the waves of water as it sped across the river toward the other shore were nothing short of amazing! Your photos brought back some great memories. I’d love to go back again and camp there at the glacier so that I can hear the explosion of sound all night long!

  3. Wow, amazing. I’m in sunny Australia and the closet thing to that are the David Attenborough DVDs, A frozen Planet. I ‘d love to live where you do…

  4. Wonderful photos Barbra! I feel a certain sense of tranquility just by looking at them. You are very lucky to be in such a beautiful place. How does it feel running in cold weathers? Sorry as I live in a very hot country! 🙂

  5. One of my favorite places on the planet, especially when its calving big time. So sad that you can’t drive out here anymore, really diminishes my biennial Cordova trips. Glad to have seen it many times though.

    • We weren’t aware you can’t drive out there these days. Too bad. As you say, it’s awe-inspiring sight. There’s still the village of Cordova though – one of our favorite towns of any size anywhere.

  6. What a pity it’s no longer possible to drive out there, if it had been then I would have been adding this to our travel list, and up high on it too!!! Amazing photographs and description though, isn’t Mother Nature simply beyond amazing!?

  7. Camped out just upstream from here this past 4th of July while rafting down from Chitna. If you haven’t been up here recently, the river has changed the surrounding landscape significantly. Hearing the glacier crack like gunshots while settled in my tent overnight was unforgettable.

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