7 comments on “A Year’s Worth of Food: Provisioning for the Alaska Bush, Part I

    • You know, it does require some effort and planning up front, but after the work is done, it is sooo satisfying knowing you’ve got everything on hand. And every year, we add more items that we are able to harvest on our own.

      • I hope I get to be like you…..I have some things on hand but not anything near what I’d like!

  1. I would love to freeze so many things! My husband teases me and then we run out of room in the freezer. I keep considering getting a stand alone freezer….I have to talk him into it!

  2. I spent my early years on a New Zealand High Country sheep station and know well the great financial and ecological value of bulk food.

    We did of course (LOL) have the choice of approximately 350 000 sheep for our lamb and mutton menu but once a year my parents would send a pig or two of ours to the local butcher and well as an order for a whole cattle beast which would be delivered back to us in huge boxes full of steaks, schnitzels, chops, sausages, roasts, hams, casserole meat, and towers of sliced bacon etc.

    The local country shop was used to locals coming in and bulk buying plastic bags of various sizes to freeze it all in and as a kid it was one of my jobs to bag and label family sized meal portions of things like the sausages… which took the best part of an entire day and there was so much meat that our three two-meter long freezers would go from empty to full .

    Sometimes in winter we couldn’t get to into town and so we also had a generator and lots of preserves in the freezer sheds too as well as a special room for storage of things from the garden like potatoes, onions, pumpkins etc.

    When I first discovered supermarket packaging on a trip to the city I was amazed that people bought their meat in such little packets!

    When we moved to Christchurch city later, my parents still bought a side of beef from a specialist butcher who would cut it to order for us and we kept one of the freezers in the garage for just this purpose.

    Sadly my little Dutch apartment has no space for such a large freezer and the price of meat here is 2-4 times that of New Zealand so I shudder to think what a side of beef would cost.

    Amazing how you are transporting all of this… very innovative!

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