10 comments on “The Sailing Vessel Bandon

  1. Wow, I am up folding laundry in the early morning hours before starting my work week and happened to check my email. Reading through your blog brought me to an earlier time in my life…BB/BC (before Bob/before children). I, too, longed to sail. Once upon a time I married a young teacher who was building a 50 ft. fero-cement sailboat. We lived in Tahoe and worked on the boat here in the city every summer. Never came to fruition for me. No regrets, but the dream of sailing still lingers somewhere deep within. Thrilled that you are able to follow your dreams. Looking forward to future blogs and more beautiful pictures of where you sail and what you see and experience. Can almost feel the breeze on my face and gentle motion of the boat slipping through the water on a sunny day somewhere quiet, uncrowded, and breathtakingly beautiful. Hmmm, maybe I’ll visit you some summer day. Blessings to you both. Happy sailing!

  2. Hi! I am so glad you stopped by to check out my site or I would never have found yours! I am loving reading your blog. I visited Alaska in 2007 with my mom and it will forever be the most amazing trip I’ve ever taken. I hope to take my kids up there to see for themselves someday. Alaska is beautiful, every last bit of it. The photo of the otters is adorable. What an adventurous life you live! What a joy.

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