8 comments on “An Anniversary Gift

  1. Happy Anniversary! Was thinking of you when I saw the story about the “epic” storm moving into Alaska. It’s a huge state, and probably won’t hit anywhere near you. Still . . . . Hope all is well!

    • Thanks for the kind thoughts. Actually…the epic storm is about to hit, right here, tonight. It’s super windy right now but we are supposed to get hurricane force winds tonight into tomorrow. The tidal waters are to increase by about three feet with lots of beach erosion. School was closed early today and we are on alert to be closed tomorrow. It’s actually very exciting. There are safe places including the school which is steps away from our house.

  2. Happy Anniversary, Barbra & Jack! Hope you rode out the storm comfortably and your anniversary dinner was wonderful. Your blog on sharing special kindess spoke to my heart. My husband and I have been married for 27 years and I’m looking forward to many more years together. I think your approach to giving to one another is excellent advice, even to those of us with a variety of shopping venues near by. I’ve copied this biscotti recipe and plan to make some soon. Sounds devine.

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