Point Hope Storm, Nov 9

Just a quick note to friends and followers who may be looking at the national weather news:

Although it’s blowing hard up here and we’re without power, all is well. The school is running on a generator and is a safe haven if we or others need to go there.

4 thoughts on “Point Hope Storm, Nov 9

  1. I really appreciiate rading about your life in Point Hope. I spent a week there June 2010. Beautiful people, beautiful place. I look forward to following along n the future

  2. I did a quick search on the internet to see how things are up there as my brother Scott and his wife Janine are teachers there. Glad to hear that everyone is safe.

  3. I am searching/following the lives of teachers in the bush. I am very interested in a complete change of life style. I will not be an offical teacher until May 2013. Any informaion on contacts that you can give me, would be greatly appreciated foster.celeste@yahoo.com

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