Banana Split ala Alaska Bush

We spent the last couple of days finishing up projects and watching lots of football with friends. A perfect end to a great weekend? A bush-style banana split. Curious?

(Warning-the following blog entry may make you crazy with cravings for a banana split…read on with great care…)

Bananas rarely appear at the store. A beautiful golden bunch was waiting for us at just over a dollar a banana. They were perfectly ripe and unbruised. They tasted creamy and sweet. These bananas begged to be used in the perfect split.

Several months ago we happened across heavy cream at the store and bought them out…twelve cartons. We quickly realized that we had two weeks in which to do something with these or else they would spoil. We made four different kinds of ice cream: rocky road, chocolate chip, vanilla bean custard, and toasted almond. We also froze whipped cream topping and squash pie filling. Whew…used every carton.

A good banana split needs more than just ice cream and bananas. Toppings! We found a bottle of Smuckers caramel sauce at the store. Ok, that was good. How about hot fudge…homemade! Oh my…I made the best hot fudge I’ve ever had in my life. It was chocolately and smooth and oh, so tasty.

Nuts! Don’t forget the nuts. Jack toasted up some chopped pecans in butter. He sauteed them long enough for them to get hot and absorb the buttery goodness.

There it was…a creamy golden banana, halved.  Scoops of home-made rocky road, vanilla bean custard, and chocolate chip ice creams. A drizzle of caramel topping. An avalanche of home-made hot fudge –so hot it melts the ice cream –. Generous scoops of toasted pecans drenched in butter. All topped with a few dried cherries.

The dish was set in front of us and two minutes later it was a glorious memory.

7 thoughts on “Banana Split ala Alaska Bush

  1. OMG–beyond crazy! I haven’t had hot fudge since the last fundraiser at Big Spoon Yogurt at the shop closest to home (Sutterville & Freeport). Squash pie filling had never entered my mind, and, now–how can it ever leave my thoughts? I love pumpkin and squash in all of their many forms., including ice cream, soup, pasta, pie, ice cream, raviolis, soup, etc., etc.

    In fact, we were in Hawaii over Thanksgiving, and we missed pumpkin pie there (although I experimented with kava tea, which is another story altogether).

    Today I had a nice beef stew at 524 (on 12th St), which was delicious–I ate all of the carrots and celery, and half of the beef/broth/rest. My son, Connor, had carnitas. After the chips/salsa, soup, and carnitas, we were more than full, so we could not experiment with potential Central American desserts.

  2. Nice looking blog, Barbara. This is Doris’ son – the artist formerly known as C.J. Glad to see that you guys are living the dream. We wanted to make it up there while we were stateside. I have always found life more fulfilling with less. I hope you both are happy!! U

    • Thanks for checking in! Try to make it up here sometime…well, maybe not to the tundra. Alaska is AWESOME, in the true sense of the word. I can’t wait til summer so we can start exploring again!

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