Mother and Child

Have I said already that I am a big fan of Edwin’s work?

This piece is carved from reindeer antler. As I imagined, he saw the antler and immediately saw the shapes of the mother and child, and carved the antler to release their images. The small black dots are inlaid baleen. The decorative spray fan is also made from whale baleen. The faces of both mother and child are joyful and sweet which is a mark of Edwin’s work.

4 thoughts on “Mother and Child

  1. Hello,
    Does Edwin Weyiouanna sign his work? I have a “totem” sculpture. I don’t know if it’s ivory or bone, but there are 3 figures on top of one another and an “EJW” in the base. Is there a way for me to verify that it’s his work? Thank you very much!

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