11 comments on “Where in the World is Newhalen, Alaska?

    • Well… not quite yet. Initially the district will assign a substitute teacher to Chignik Lake. The official (state) count happens in October. If they still have at least 10 students, at that time they will hire for the remainder of the year. It’s still such a dicey situation though. The State Board of Fisheries is mismanaging Chignik’s salmon – allowing them to be pirated hundreds of miles from the river. The result was very few – and largely unproductive – openings for the fishermen of the Chignik area again this year. Which in turn is killing the economy there.

  1. I am always a little in awe of people who choose the Alaskan Bush as a place to live, even if it is Cush Bush! I enjoyed reading about your adventurous move.

  2. ☺️🙃☺️. Happy for you Both! Sounds abundantly interesting. A beacon of light in an inbox of doom and gloom.

  3. Hi Jack and Barbraaaaaa! Loved reading about your new digs and that picture of Mrs. Donachy among the blueberry bushes is just lovely. I’m saving up my ducats to hopefully make a trip up to visit!

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