9 comments on “Point Hope Aerial, 2013

    • Hi Gerowyn, I’ve been editing old photos and found this one, which I’d forgotten I had. I was struck by how perfectly “postage stamped” Point Hope is on this rather narrow peninsula, at times nearly surrounded by frozen sea. Long ago, the peninsula was an important haul-out place for walruses, which, along with the caribou that sometimes wander out onto the peninsula, were a draw for establishing a settlement there. You can still find walrus skulls at a very old village site further out the peninsula. This old village is marked only by a few mounds – what’s left of dug-in sod homes. That area now is regularly inundated with sea water, as is old Tikigaq, the village site that was abandoned back in the 1970s.

  1. You inspired me to use the search bar and go back and read some of your earlier posts about this village — what a wonderful experience it was.

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