8 comments on “Learning to Play the Guitar at 60: La Grande Expérience (or Is it even Possible?)

  1. Well Jack, I will only say when I was 60, I decided I was going to learn to hula hoop, because I never did learn how to do it when I was younger, and after a summer of intermittent practice- I did!

      • Dear jack, I admire your drive and completely agree with your conviction to go for it. As far as my advice is concerned I’d say , when I want to achieve / acquire a talent, discipline and repetition helps. That being said, you could set short milestones for yourself , for example I ll learn to play that song by this summer, etc. and lastly, if it were me I d make notes and even practice reading and writing music, and then playing that song from the book. That would help me relate to the notes even better. Hope this helped.

        • Good advice, Geena. My own milestones are time-related. Because at the outset, I really had no idea what – if anything – I’d be able to achieve. And yes, I think particularly for an older learner, the ability to read music is invaluable. I can finally do this fluently and it is making a big difference. Thanks for reading and commenting! JD

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