4 comments on “All Quiet at The Lake

  1. What a wonderful mood piece you have written. It is so sad though, that climate change is sending warmer conditions which would be upsetting the migratory pattern and food sources of so many species. Here in Australia, the southern states (cool climate regions) have suffered record-breaking heat. The outback, where I used to live & where my brother still resides, is suffering from a debilitating drought. There have been record breaking rainfall in northern Queensland in the tropics where floods have devastated towns and livestock. The sub-tropical coastal region where I live has experienced a fairly average season, although, we too, are in drought. I hope that next winter in Alaska will see the return of the usual diversity of species.

    • Thanks for the note, Gerowyn. We’re now reading Isaac Walton’s The Complete Angler. Published in 1653, the language, references and writing style are at times challenging and bemusing. But what really keeps grabbing us are the primitive views of nature often expressed – full on inaccuracies of natural phenomena Walton and his peers could see before them (or could have seen had they been willing and able to see accurately). What has changed in in all the years since? The fact of climate change is inarguably before us, but enough people are committed to remaining willfully ignorant of what is right in front of them, and insisting we do nothing, that we are doing precisely that. Nothing. It’s very disappointing.

  2. Jack,

    Sure enjoy “CutterLight”.

    I was glad to read that the Sockeye projection is positive. I had been thinking this was to be another poor return year……….


    • Good to hear from you, Rick. An early Chignik Sockeye projection from November 2018 looked dismal. Citing a “paucity of ocean fish,” the prediction was for low returns and possible closures. More recently, ADFG biologists have predicted 1.7 million returning Reds along with a banner year for Pinks. We’ll see, but everyone is hopeful! JD

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