The Damp Times: The News on Home Brewing in Chignik Lake


With no place to pick up a case of beer for our Octoberfest sausage (grilling in the background), we decided to have a go at brewing our own. The results? A pilsner as light and crisp as the autumn weather we enjoyed today here in Chignik Lake.

Nothing compliments fried oyster po’ boys, grilled sausages with caramelized onions, deep fried rockfish or the end of a good run like a crisp, cold lager or ale. Living in a “damp” village where alcohol is permitted but not sold, we added “learn to make beer” to our list of culinary goals for this year.

For us, a kit was the way to go. The one we ordered came with a can of wort – the thick, molasses-like mixture that is the base of beer -, bottles, and everything else we needed. Total brewing time was about six weeks.


And the results… Well, take a look! We’ve already got our next brew going. Looks like it’s time to purchase proper beer glasses!

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