10 comments on “Hana Restaurant, Ulaanbaatar: a Trip to Japan Without the Passport

  1. Ach du lieber Augustine. Das schmecken seht ja gut aus. Es freut mich das dus, im Restrauten, hat Johann’s Geburtstag machen. Frauliche Geburtstag Johann.

  2. I spent a spring back in 1985 packing and freezing herring in Alaska. Everything we processed went onto a Japanese boat. All they were interested in was the roe. Now I know why. Good summer travels!

    • Yeah, the roe is tasty. A lot has changed in the past 20 years. Americans have finally discovered their taste for a variety of seafood, so maybe we’re not sending all of it to Japan these days. The natives in Alaska have always gathered and cured herring roe. Hope you guys have a fun Fourth!

  3. Oh Babette, you have found your go-to place now, huh? The cuisine ooks wonderful and yes, uber authentic. Even natto? Amazing! I happen to love natto myself, but I’m sure for most people the slimy, stinky stuff is truly a provervial “acquired taste”! Keep the great posts coming, I love them!

    • Good, now I know two people who can enjoy my portion of natto. The taste for me is ok…after I get past the slimy, sticky and stinky. 😉 I’m glad to see you’re still following along. Keep cool, Kitty.

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