27 comments on “Ptarmigan and Cloudberries: A Walk on Alaska’s Arctic Tundra

  1. Enjoyed these pictures; can almost feel the nip of cool air. Fall is approaching here with beautiful colors beginning to paint the trees. I saw a “V” of Canadian geese recently off in the distance. Still, the days are warm enough for short-sleeves but mornings require a light sweater as I head off to work. My oldest daughter recently moved to the Boston area . She will experience her first winter with snow this year. Quite a change from Sacramento! Wishing you both a great school year! Lady Michael

    • We have such vivid memories of liquid ambers and grape leaves turning fall colors, and we could always count on flocks of cedar waxwings visiting our E Street home. Boston will be quite a change for your daughter… What a wonderful city! Weather here has been mild – snow flurries, yes, but temperatures are still in the 30’s – warm for this time of year. Enjoy glass of wine for us!

  2. I love the photos and the commentaries as well. I always feel like you are taking us with you on your travels. In my mind’s eye I could see your smile Barbara. In the 30s, warm…love it. Thanks for the continued sharing; it is inspiring. One day I will make it there. My dad loved Alaska. He spent time there as a young man and talked about it all of rest of his life. Take care, you two.

    • Hi Robyn! Really good to hear from you, and so glad you’re still following along! Snowy and stormy today… if it clears, we’ll go out and look for a pair of gyre falcons that are reported to be in the area. You know you have a standing invitation to come up to Point Hope or Seward anytime! Extra beds and hot meals await!

  3. Thank you, I guess Jack, for posting your message on my blog.
    You live in Alaska, don’t you.
    How wonderful it is.
    Alaska is one of the places I want to visit entire in my life.
    I guess the place you live is beautiful.

    I saw your photo in “about” page.
    You two look so happy and the smiles of yours are very nice.

    At any rate, I will visit this blog.

    Thank you.

  4. Wow! those birds are so beautiful as is the foot print although I wouldn’t want to be any where near a Grizzly… great pics as always!

    • Our friend had one On His Porch(!) the other morning. He opened his door to go to school, and saw this large, hairy “thing.” He said it took him a few seconds to reconcile what he was looking at, it was so surprising. The grizzly must’ve been equally baffled, but after a couple of seconds it ambled off the porch. Our friend got in his vehicle and chased it out of town.

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