15 comments on “Another Great Year in Point Hope: On to Seward!

  1. Hi Jack and Barbra, What a lovely post to read. Immensely interesting and good to see the photos. Met with Laura from Polar Pairs yesterday in school. We were discussing the visit from Point Hope teachers. Very excited about meeting up with Anna, Christina and Susan. They will be in Whitehills School for some of their time in the North East of Scotland. Have a good holiday and I will look forward to more posts. Best wishes, Corinne Wood

  2. Jack & Barbara, Have a peaceful relaxing time! Have fun with the new Nikkor 200-400 mm telephoto lens..Hope you share some of those pics:)

  3. Barbra – I wish you were taking EDET 635 this summer :(. I’ll check your blog for your summer adventures. Are you going to be taking courses this winter? Hope to connect with you in class or at ASTE again in February – have a fantastic summer!

    • Hi Tracie! I’m in EDET674 now and have to take the research class in the fall. Then only two more to go! I am planning to go to ASTE again. I hope we connect in class again, too. Either way, let’s keep in touch! Have a terrific summer!

    • We were recently surprised to see just how few photos we have of the two of us. We’re going to press Maia into service to get a few shots when she visits this summer. Speaking of which, hope yours is terrific!

    • The ice is quite thick, and we stay on established trails. It is important to pay attention to wind direction (which can push ice apart) and to stay alert for polar bears. For some photos of the northern lights, type that in as a search term on our site. As our photography skills continue to improve, we’ll be publishing more lights in the coming months.

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