Farmed Atlantic Salmon: The Deadliest Catch

If you believe that farmed salmon are part of a solution, to anything, we hope you’ll watch Salmon Confidential. If you believe farmed salmon are a healthy food choice, we hope you’ll watch this video.

The setting is British Columbia, Canada. The protagonists are wild salmon, river keepers, and scientists. The film is a fast-paced hour that will leave anyone who watches it and who cares about the food they eat, about our planet’s wild places, and about government transparency and its proper role in mega-farming of all descriptions with serious questions.

“…and the kid looks at you and says, how could there have been thousands of salmon here, you’re just an old man exaggerating. And then I have to correct him, not thousands, tens of thousands.” Russell Chatham in Rivers of a Lost Coast talking about one small west coast river

11 thoughts on “Farmed Atlantic Salmon: The Deadliest Catch

  1. I’m grateful for this link. But as a nomaddness mentions, not surprised. I’ve been reading “Foodopoly” and consider myself a pretty savvy locavore/producer and it’s a heartbreaking read by a great muckraker if you haven’t yet gotten to it.
    Factory produced fish (or__________ insert food item) is the path to dis-ease for not only we the consumers, but the very Earth. *sigh*

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