21 comments on “Chiming Bells, Paintbrush & Bog Candles: Flowers of the AlCan Highway

  1. thank you for stopping by my blog ~

    beautiful flowers and, as a former resident of b.c., i’m delighted to see mister bear ~ and am amazed at the bee photo! just wonderful.

  2. Beautiful photos and great commentary! I envy you living your dreams! Good for you. I have been to Alaska. Yes it is magnificent. I don’t know that I could spend the winter without suffering from SAD!
    Thanks for reading my blog as well.

  3. Never know where you might find a bear among the flowers, do you. LOL. He looked like he was posed and ready to have his photo snapped. Wonderful photos.

  4. I’ve driven the ALCAN coming back to TN in November so no flowers for me. Makes your pics that much more special to me. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Beautiful photos. I love the bog candles. I have never encountered any. Spring certainly has sprung along the highway to Alaska – it was a fabulous trip last May long weekend. Lots of bears and bison. Definately worth the trip.

  6. Meadows of flowers, and baby bears rolling in clover pastures? I always wondered what it’d look like in the Springtime but never dreamed it would be this fecund. Your photos are a revelation. Thanks for taking me along with you on this joyful ride!

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