Seeking Silver Salmon

Coho Salmon

Trolling is boring, I thought. Two summers ago we drove around in our boat outside of Whittier at incredibly slow speeds dragging a couple of lures only one silly little pink salmon came to bite. Heck, you don’t even get hold the rod!

This was my impression.

That has changed.

This summer while in Seward, we heard the silver salmon (Coho) run on Resurrection Bay was hot. Out on the bay, Jack got gear ready for trolling; I was prepared to enjoy the scenery. But no sooner did he put a lure in the water and set the rod in the holder than we got hit! We quickly strategized–I drive, Jack tends rigs, fish hits, Jack shouts “FISH,” I drop the boat into neutral, Jack reels in the fish, I grab the net, and Voila–major fun! Then we switch–Jack drives, I reel in the fish, and Jack does honors on the net!

The limit for silver salmon in Resurrection Bay is six fish – which meant with two limits, we could keep 12.. The first 11 salmon came easily. Naturally, that last elusive fish took us a while to find. We took a break from trolling by catching other fish that day…halibut, lingcod, and rockfish. When we went back to trolling, a dime-bright silver was waiting for us. When we finally pulled up at the cleaning station at the marina with our beautiful catch (two Chinook, several large silvers, halibut and rockfish)…even the locals were impressed.

2 thoughts on “Seeking Silver Salmon

  1. My friend, Laurie Lewis, told me about your blog. I’ve just finished reading your archives, and it has made for very pleasant reading in the Sacramento area heat!!! Can’t wait to hear about you new school adventures.

    A couple of questions for you. I’m a school Librarian, and was wondering. Did your old school, or your new school, have a library? Is there another library in either town?

    • Nice to meet you Erin. Both schools have a library. Both school libraries act as the village library. In our old village, the library was only open during school hours. The traffic appeared to only be students. In Point Hope, the school/village library has been open all summer. We saw posters advertising a summer reading program. Seems like a much more active community library. We’ve heard that the Point Hope library has a larger community as they share books within the whole north slope borough, which includes Barrow.

      You might be interested to know that the Fairbanks library had a bush lending system. We ordered books, DVDs and CDs that we got in the mail while we were in Shishmaref. That was a terrific program with terrific librarians!

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