6 comments on “News From the North

  1. Well, I’ve certainly enjoyed your year in Shishmaref, too! It’s been fascinating to learn about this little spot on our globe. I’m hoping that you’ll give us news from Anchorage as well (and from the spots you visit over the summer).

  2. We definitely plan on continuing the blog. We’ve been reading about Anchorage and have already visited many of the locales around the city. I’ve read about bears and moose in the city limits. There is a huge state park next to Anchorage. There are cross country skiing trails in the city, too. Nearby, there are glaciers to boat to. There are so many fish to catch and so many clams to dig. Oh, yeah, what about the 1,000 miles of inside passage? We are already reading about how to cruise our little boat in the inside passage and all that this adventure will have to offer. This is only the close of a chapter, not the end of the book! 🙂

  3. A friend of mine from high school teaches for the Anchorage school district. Search for Stephen Peterson in Anchorage on Facebook. Maybe he can be a good contact for you. Good luck and I’ll bet you’ll never forget this adventure.

  4. It has been interesting learning about life in a remote Alaskan village! Thanks for sharing your year with us.
    Look forward to reading more blogs about your adventures in and around Anchorage……

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