Hokkaido Bicycle Tour Redux: Thank You Adventure Cyclist Magazine

It can take a considerable period of time from submitting a piece to a magazine to drawing an editor’s attention to finally seeing the article appear in print, but here it is, two years after we embarked on our 1,300 mile bicycle tent camping trek in Hokkaido, Japan as it appeared in Adventure Cyclist Magazine: The Summer of No Expectations

This was the lead article in the June issue. The theme is simple: If you’ve ever thought of doing something like this, Do It!

If you’d like a small taste of what riding through Hokkaido on a bike is like, here’s a link to a video we put together. Coasting to Shiraoi


4 thoughts on “Hokkaido Bicycle Tour Redux: Thank You Adventure Cyclist Magazine

  1. Bravo! You’ve inspired me to do this, maybe with a small car and tent. So many useful tips. Have you thought about forwarding article to the Japanese Tourism Association? I believe they are considering paying a large percentage of holiday costs to encourage overseas travellers once airlines are up and running. Such fulsome praise for an Hokkaido holiday would surely meet with generous response?
    Just been revisiting the downhill bike ride…. “awesome”!😉

  2. I enjoyed reading about the start of your Hokkaido trip in the recent issue of Adventure Cycling magazine. I’ve been planning a similar trip for a few years now after visiting Hokkaido in 2016 (and will be planning a little longer now). I’m inspired to see that a bicycle tour of Hokkaido is doable. What was your routing for the trip (if you don’t mind sharing)? Thanks for sharing your story.

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